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[2007-09-27] Wacken / New Song

At Wacken Open Air next Saturday, Stratovarius will perform a new song from their forthcoming record. The name of the song is "The last night on Earth".

[2006-04-25] Live dates in 2006.

A handful of live shows in 2006!

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[2005-07-28] Stratovarius: New Bass Player

Long-time bass player Jari Kainulainen has left Stratovarius. There is no drama or bad blood. Jari just doesn't have it in his heart to tour this heavily anymore.
Jari is not dropping out of the scene, he will continue to play metal.

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[2004-06-30] Stratovarius to play on Ankkarock instead of Kotipelto's solo band?

After the announcement for the Stratovarius Gates Of Metal festival show replacing Running Wild, Timo Kotipelto posted an statement announcing that the show that he was supposed to do on Ankkarock in Vantaa, Finland on July 31st, was postponed to August 1st. On a chat with, Timo Kotipelto talked about Stratovarius playing there.
Also on Stratovarius' Finnish management J. Karppanen Oy, Stratovarius is scheduled to play the August 1st show at Ankkarock.


[2004-06-30] Kotipelto: New single for Take Me Away to be released only in Finland

A limited edition of 1000 copies will be released on June 7th in Finland for the Kotipelto's new single Take Me Away from the album Coldness.
The single will include an unreleased version of Beauty Has Come.

[2004-06-28] Stratovarius: new interview to Timo Kotipelto on Metal Meltdown Online

Doctor Metal from Metal Meltdown Online has just posted online a new interview he did with Timo Kotipelto. The interview is in MP3 and can be heard here.
PLUS: Join Metal Meltdown Online contest, guess Doctor Metal's age and be one of the 6 winners of Dragonforce, Cans (Hammerfall) or Iron Savior's CDs.

[2004-06-23] Timo Kotipelto special guest at Atlanta's ProgPower USA V

Century Media is proud to announce that ProgPower USA V’s Special Guest will be Timo Kotipelto.
Kotipelto, whose new album Coldness was released in early 2004 by Century Media Records, will be signing autographs, hosting a meet and greet, and will also be attending the ProgPower pre-Party on September 16th.

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[2004-06-22] Stratovarius: new show at the Gates Of Metal festival in Sweden replacing Running Wild. Kotipelto confirmation.

Stratovarius will be replacing Running Wild at the Gates of Metal festival in Hultsfred, Sweden on July 31st. Running Wild had to cancel their show due to management problems.
Gates of Metal organizers commented: "Stratovarius is a very good band, it feels nice to have a replacement act of this size confirmed with so short notice. This is an exclusive appearance in more than one way. It's Stratovarius only show in Sweden this year and it might be their last show in Sweden ever. Nobody knows the future of Stratovarius."

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[2004-06-10] Stratovarius: Jens Johansson update (with pictures) about the Gods Of Metal 2004 postponed gig

Check out Jens Johansson pictures here.
Jens statement: "Not that many pix actually. But they should make it clear to anyone why we had to postpone the gig. Electrocution is no fun!!
Just to make another thing clear, many bands would just have taken the money and left without playing. I am really proud now of everybody that we didn't."

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[2004-05-31] Stratovarius last shows report - Part II

Stratovarius continued the last performances before the announced split.
The band played on May 22nd on Hirson, France and on May 23rd on Lyon, France.
On May 30th the trip continued at the Rock Hard Festival at Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Our friends at posted an amazing photo-shot of that show. Check it out here.

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[2004-05-22] Stratovarius last shows report - Strato is Dead, Long Live Strato

Stratovarius is currently playing (as of May 22nd) the last shows with their most successfull lineup (Tolkki, Kotipelto, Johansson, Michael and Kainulainen).
The first show was on May 20th at the Dauwpop 2004 festival on the Netherlands.
You can view an excelent set of pictures of that show on the official Dauwpoop 2004 Festival website. Click here for the pictures.

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[2004-05-12] Stratovarius: interview to Timo Kotipelto on

This interview was done some days prior to the announcement from Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki that there could be no Stratovarius without singer Timo Kotipelto on board. We've all read through the craziness posted online by Tolkki, and that is a topic I touched on in this interview. Most of the interview is about the music however as I would rather dwell on the positive and not be involved in slinging dirt towards Kotipelto's ex-band members from Stratovarius. Seems that Kotipelto feels the same way and treated the topic with respect and his usual mature attitude. Hope you like the interview.
Click here to read the interview.

[2004-05-04] Stratovarius: Timo Tolkki is out of the hospital, recovered and willing to work again with Kotipelto

From Timo Tolkki: "I have returned home from the hospital and I feel a little better now.
I have had a lot of time to think and analyze the situation that lead to my complete breakdown".

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[2004-04-29] Jörg Michael statement about Stratovarius actual situation and the recording of the new album

From Jörg Michael: "Here is some news from me. Jens said he posted something in the Stratovarius forum so I would like to give my view on the past few weeks also. I didn't want to post anything at first, because I didn't want to interfere with the complicated situation inside Stratovarius and there are so many rumors and other shit flying around in the net."

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[2004-04-25] Stratovarius: Timo Kotipelto will perform Iron Maiden songs with The Clairvoyants at tribute show

The Iron Maiden tribute show is scheduled for May 7th at the Buddha Cafe, Italy, as part of the 15th Flash and Metal Shock Anniversary party.
Timo Kotipelto will perform his favourite Maiden songs, mainly from the albums The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave and Somewhere In Time.

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[2004-04-16] News from Jens Johansson about Stratovarius line-up and new album being recorded (with Jörg Michael on drums!!)

From Jens: "This is a sort of informal update.
I went to Helsinki, basically to try and help with anything I could. Am here now.
Jörg Michael will play on the next Stratovarius record (as he is very good of course, and there was no other good drummer materializing out of thin air.)".

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[2004-04-13] Interview to Timo Kotipelto regarding Tolkki suicide feelings, Stratovarius and his career

From "Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of the insanity of the breakup of Stratovarius and the ridiculous ordeal that was their post-breakup, final concert in Spain with vocalist Timo Kotipelto. Between band members being too drunk to perform, pissing on one another on stage, and a guitarist getting stabbed following the show, it was an insanity that was beyond anything you've ever heard before. While that may have ruined some people's careers, Kotipelto has picked himself up, recorded a great new CD called COLDNESS, and began to pick up the pieces from that disaster. In an exclusive interview with Pitriff, Kotipelto talks in detail about the ordeal in Spain, as well as his new album and his all star band he's assembled".

Read some highlights of the interview posted on

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[2004-04-11] Stratovarius: Timo Tolkki hospitalized due to suicidal feelings and depression

From Stratovarius Webmaster: "Unfortunately I have received news that Timo Tolkki was hospitalized on April 10th due to a suicidal feelings and chronic depression.

He is currently being treated in Mehiläinen, a private hospital in Helsinki, Finland.".

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[2004-04-01] Timo Kotipelto talks about his new album and Stratovarius on new interview from

German online magazine has posted a new interview to Timo Kotipelto, regarding the near release of his new album "Coldness".
He talks about the differences between this new album and Stratovarius albums, the recording process, the future gigs, the reaction of the public with his solo career, his opinion about the Piorno Rock show, and the upcoming Stratovarius concert.

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[2004-03-26] Kotipelto: audio clips of new album Coldness available online

MP3 audio clips for almost all of the new songs of the album Coldness have been posted online on Timo Kotipelto's Website.
The song Reasons has been posted in full lenght.


[2004-03-20] MP3 of Kotipelto's song "Reasons", from the forthcoming album coldness

Century Media has posted online an MP3 file with the track "Reasons".
This song is available on the already released single of the same name, and is part of Kotipelto's new album "Coldness", to be released on May.
Download the MP3 here.

[2004-03-16] Stratovarius: Kotipelto talks about the band split at new interview

Lords Of Metal metal E-zine has posted parts of a recent interview to Timo Kotipelto.
He mostly talked about the reasons of the Stratovarius split and the Piorno Rock performance.

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[2004-03-05] Stratovarius: is Timo Tolkki attack just a fake to get out of the deal with Sanctuary?

Metal Meltdown Online's Doctor Metal has published the reasons why he thinks that the attack to Timo Tolkki is false:

"I had thought the attack on Tolkki in Spain was 100% real. I guess I was so taken by surprise that I didn't even think twice and consider that the man's credibility these days is pretty low. After considering everything throughout the day on Monday, I came to the conclusion that many visitors of this site did on the Forum - that this "attack" is probably just another Tolkki publicity stunt."

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[2004-03-04] Stratovarius: Timo Tolkki shocked and depressed because of attacks

Tolkki as posted a message on the Stratovarius Official Website saying that he is too shocked and depressed to publish any statement about the attack.

His wife and daughter have been deeply shocked about the stabbing. Timo wrote that he will probably issue a statement about the future of Stratovarius next week.