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[2007-11-27] Nightwish´s USA tour 2008 now officially on sale!

Tickets for Nightwish´s North American tour May 2008 are now officially on sale. Tickets are onsale through, ticketmaster or whatever ticketing system is used by the venue. Also onsale at the venue box office and any outlets.

[2007-11-22] "DPP - Platinum Edition" and "Erämaan viimeinen" -single is now on pre-sale!

"Dark Passion Play" - Platinum Edition (release date to be confirmed) and "Erämaan viimeinen" -single (release date 5.12.2007) are now on pre-sale in Nightwish-Shop. DPP Platinum Edition includes all the 13 songs from the original version plus 5 bonus songs. "Erämaan viimeinen" is a vocal version of the song "Last Of The Wilds" performed with Finnish lyrics by Jonsu of Indica.

[2007-11-22] Erämaan viimeinen.

Next Nightwish-single "Erämaan Viimeinen" (Last Of The Wilds) will be released at 5th of December in Finland. "Erämaan Viimeinen" is a finnish language song, performed by Jonsu from Indica. Actually, "Erämaan Viimeinen" is the same song as the instrumental "Last Of The Wilds" from DPP, but with finnish lyrics.

[2007-11-14] Pain to support Nightwish.

Swedish PAIN is support act on Nightwish´s European tour 2008. Tour starts from Lithuania at 17th of February and ends to Portugal at 19th of April including total of 38 gigs!

[2007-11-14] Best-Selling Artist - Scandinavia.

Nightwish was honored in the "Best-Selling Artist - Scandinavia" category at the World Music Awards Sunday night (November 4) in Monte Carlo. Nightwish's new album, "Dark Passion Play", was recently certified gold in Sweden for sales in excess of 30,000 copies. DPP has already achieved triple-platinum status in Finland after selling more than 90,000 copies. Congratulations, Nightwish!!!

[2007-11-07] Win an ESP guitar!

To celebrate the re-issues of Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Over The Hills And Far Away and Century Child, Nightwish and Rockworld TV give you the chance to win an ESP guitar and a copy of all the mentioned re-issues.

[2007-11-05] Greetings from USA!

Nightwish wrote greetings from USA-tour. At the same time we updated the gallery with new USA -pictures.

[2007-10-31] VIP packages available for 5 more USA concerts.

For the following remaining shows on the Nightwish USA tour this fall, The band are now including in the VIP ticket package, a Meet and Greet.

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[2007-10-29] Dear VIP ticket holders in House Of Blues, Chicago.

We are extremely sorry that you missed meeting us after the show on Saturday 27th of October. We were already waiting at the corridor to come out and meet you guys but then we heard the security had mistakenly pushed you (VIP ticket holders) out.

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[2007-10-16] New website

Welcome to the new!

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[2007-10-11] Charts positions and gold awards.

Nightwish´s new Album "Dark Passion Play" had a very successful start all around the world.

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[2007-10-08] Dark Passion Play is # 1 in Germany!

"Dark Passion Play" is now #1 in Official Album Chart in Germany! Congratulations, Nightwish!

[2007-10-02] Changes to Orlando and Anaheim concerts.

Nightwish´s House of Blues concerts in Anaheim and Orlando have been moved to different place. Please check November 6 and 15 dates from Tour-Info page.

[2007-10-01] Attention NY & New Jersey area NW fans!

The new album, DARK PASSION PLAY, comes out next Tuesday, October 2nd. On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th at 6pm, we will celebrate the release of this new masterpiece with a very special in-store performance and signing at VINTAGE VINYL in Fords, NJ.

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[2007-09-28] DPP has sold platinum in Finland!

Release date of "Dark Passion Play" was today in Finland, but it has already sold 42000 copies which means much more than platinum!! Congratulations, Nightwish!!

[2006-06-13] Nightwish has videoblog.

Nightwish has opened videoblog and now you can watch Nightwish´s life during their summer rehearsals almost in real-time!

[2006-06-03] End Of An Era has sold gold in Finland!

Nightwish´s End Of An Era (dvd and live-2cd) has sold gold in Finland ONE DAY after its release! ”End Of An Era” – dvd has sold now 9000 copies and live-cd (2cd) has sold over 15 000 copies in Finland! CONGRATULATIONS, NIGHTWISH and THANKS to all who has bought EOAE!.

[2006-05-29] The Nightwish Player.

The Nightwish Player is an exclusive tool for all Nightwish Fans featuring:

- Screensaver with image gallery and videos
- News and articles of Nightwish.

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[2006-05-29] "End Of An Era" appetizer.

The wait is almost over: Nightwish's "End Of An Era" DVD will finally be released on friday!

[2006-04-21] Attention vocalists!

Hello there! The hassle with the media seems to have died. We´ve been off tour for some months and we´ve had a nice and long vacation. It´s time to get back in business: Nightwish is currently and actively looking for a new singer/front woman for the band.

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[2006-04-21] Spinefarm Records has signed Brother Firetribe.

Ever wondered what NIGHTWISH guitar wiz Emppu Vuorinen does on his spare time? An AOR buff in the heart, Vuorinen has been quietly working on his other band ever since 2001. Now, Spinefarm Records have signed Vuorinen's aor/hard rock band BROTHER FIRETRIBE.

[2005-10-26] Nightwish: Tarja Turunen letter to the band, fans and media

Since last Sunday morning, I have been asked to express my position by magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, fan clubs and fans from Finland and from all over the world. So many in total that it is physically impossible for me to find the time to reply to them all individually. Hence I decided to put down a couple of words in this text to let my fans, family and friends and the public know how I feel after the recent events.

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[2005-10-23] End Of An Era: Tarja Turunen Out of Nightwish

Dear Tarja, It`s time to choose whether the story of Nightwish ends here or whether it will still continue an undetermined period of time. We`ve been working with this creation for 9 years and we are not ready to give up yet. Nightwish is a way of life, something to live for, and we`re certain we can`t let it go.

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[2005-10-06] Highest Hopes NTSC-version-release has been postponed.

The release of Nightwish : Highest Hopes NTSC-version has been postponed, the new release date is not yet available. Nightwish -Shop is very sorry about the delay, but since we just sell them and have nothing to do with manufacturing, there's nothing we can do about it. We'll send the orders including NTSC-version ASAP, when it is possible.

[2005-09-29] Highest hopes - the best of nightwish sold platinum!

Nightwish-collection"Highest Hopes - The Best Of Nightwish" has sold over 40 000 copies in Finland which means PLATINUM! Album was released today and it includes Nightwish´s biggest rocks + for example Pink Floyd -cover "High Hopes" (unreleased). Nightwish recorded "Sleeping Sun" again for this collection and they made also new video for it.

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[2005-08-25] Pay to Meet and Greet

We would like to clear up any confusion regarding "fan meetings" before and at the show this past weekend in Santiago, Chile.

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[2005-08-25] Two gold awards from germany

After Nightwish's DVD "End Of Innocence" was awarded Gold in Germany, the Best-Of "Tales From The Elvenpath" now also went Gold. Reason enough for Bogdan Kopec (Label-Boss of DRAKKAR Entertainment, on the left in the photo) to travel to Finland to give Nightwish the awards personally. Congratulations, Nightwish

[2005-08-25] Nightwish at lowlands-festival

You can see and hear Nightwish's performance at this year's Lowlands Festival following the links below.
Note: Requires RealPlayer!

[2005-08-25] Nightwish Shot a new video for sleeping sun!

Nightwish shot a new video for Sleeping Sun. Video was shot in Prague and we have some pictures available from a videoshoot in our gallery. STRAIGHT LINK TO PICTURES

Video was directed by Joern Heitmann, who previously has directed following videos among many others: Rammstein: Keine Lust, Rammstein: Amerika, The Rasmus: No Fear

[2005-08-05] Highest Hopes - The Best of Nightwish

Forthcoming Nightwish-collection´s coverart is finally ready to be published!

[2005-07-26] Nightwish: The siren single to be released on July 25th.

Nightwish's new single, "The Siren", will be released by Nuclear Blast on July 25th. Spinefarm Records will release it on July 27th in Finland. For more details, click here.

[2005-07-26] Nightwish finishes world tour on Hartwall-Arena, Helsinki 21/10

Hartwall-Arena concert is Nightwish's last gig on their 1,5 year long Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005 -World Tour. The supporting band on the concert is Sonata Arctica and special guest is John Two-Hawks. Concert will be filmed on DVD that is directed by Antti Jokinen. Tickets will be on sale starting 25.7 trough Lippupalvelu ( and Menolippu (

[2004-11-20] Nightwish: new Once edition and Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan single to be released by Spinefarm Records

Spinefarm Records will release a Platinum Edition of Nightwish album Once.
Release date is November 24th and the album will include "normal" Once songs, the Nemo video, plus those songs:
- Live To Tell The Tale
- White Night Fantasy

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[2004-10-05] Nightwish: Wish I Had An Angel video available online (the record company for Nightwish in the US) has posted online the latest Nightwish video from the song Wish I Had An Angel.
Click here to view this great video.

[2004-10-05] Nightwish: Tarja Turunen to release solo single with Christmas songs

Tarja went into the studio to record two Christmas tracks to be released as her first solo single. The album is produced by Esa Nieminen.
The songs are titled "En etsi valtaa, loistoa" and "Kun joulu on".
This single will be released next Christmas 2004 in Finland.

[2004-10-05] Nightwish: new Tarja Turunen Official Website

Nightwish vocalist, the beautiful Tarja Turunen has now a official website featuring mostly news about his own career has vocalist besides Nightwish.
The website can be seen in four languages (suomi, english, deutsch and spanish) and has lots of good content for the fans: Tarja's promotional pictures, Magazine's artwork were she appeared, his biography, his participations on different projects and a shop to buy stuff about her.
You can visit here site at

[2004-10-05] Nightwish: new compilation album "Tales From The Elvenpath" to be released on October 18th

Drakkar Records will release a "Best of" Nightwish album featuring a selected set of songs from the band for first albums. The album will be entitled "Tales From The Elvenpath".
You can see the album artwork and lyrics of Tales From The Elvenpath here.

[2004-10-04] Nightwish: Once worldwide success

Since the release of Nemo, the first single from the new album, fans from all around the world started to enjoy part of the new masterpiece from Nightwish, and lots of good reviews appeared on the net and magazines.
In Finland, Nemo became Gold in the first week, and Platinum a few weeks later. It was a good thing, but not too surprising since Nightwish is a finish band. But then charts from other countries started to show that Nemo was having great success in many places (Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK).

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[2004-09-15] Nightwish: Toronto, Montreal and Philadelphia shows canceled due to visa problems

Because of problems with the band and crew visas, Nightwish had to cancel three shows from their North American Tour. The band announced that the rest of the tour will be performed as scheduled.
You can read the two band statements and the complete and updated list of dates for the Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005.

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[2004-06-16] Nightwish: Starfacts presents 84 pages chronicles special

Starfacts has published "Nightwish - A Chronicle", an 84 page special featuring the complete Nightwish discography, two large size color posters, a Video-CD featuring exclusive live footage taken at M'Era Luna Festival 2003 and interview with Tuomas Holopainen.
Check out more details about this issue here.

[2004-06-16] Nightwish: Once hit the charts worldwide. Number 1 in Germany, Finland, Norway and Greece

Nightwish latest masterpiece Once is hitting the charts worldwide.
Currently the album is on the top of the charts in Germany, Finland, Norway and Greece.
Other countries: Sweden (#2), Switzerland (#4), Austria (#4), France (#9), Netherland (#11), UK National Rockcharts (#10).

[2004-06-07] Nightwish: reviews, pictures and video of Dynamo Open Air 2004 and Tallinn, Estonia shows

Nightwish is on the road with the Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005. The trip started on Kitee, Finland, on May 22nd.
Then they traveled to Tallinn, Estonia, to play on May 29th and 30th at the Hard Rock Club. A full review with pictures and a video of those two concerts can be found here.

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[2004-05-24] Nightwish: new video for I Wish I Had An Angel and Kitee Concert pictures

Nightwish is now in Germany for making their new video from the song I Wish I Had An Angel. That song will also be in movie "Alone In The Dark" (first-night autumn 2004), starring Christian Slater and Tara Reid. Director of Nightwish video and that movie is Uwe Boll.
Also, links to pictures of the Kitee concert on May 22nd:
- Pictures posted on Nightwish Official Website
- Pictures by Marko Nyrhinen
- Pictures by Ville Partanen
- Pictures by Timo Isoaho (new)

[2004-05-19] Nightwish: full list of dates for Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005

This is the full list of dates for the upcoming Nightwish tour supporting the Once album:

Jun 5 - Goffertpark, Nijmegen Netherland @ Dynamo Open Air
Jun 11 - Tampere, Finland @ Sauna Open Air
Jun 12 - Sölvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
Jun 19 - Glauchau / Grundelpark, Germany @ Woodstage Summer Open Air
Jun 20 - Athens, Greece @ Rockwave Festival
Jul 10 - Turku, Finland @ Ruisrock
Jul 11 - Pamplona, Spain @ Carpa Rojilla Festival
Jul 17 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Festival
Jul 23 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
Jul 24 - Oslo, Nowary @ Rockefeller
Aug 16 - Toronto, ONT @ Opera House
Aug 17 - Montreal, QUE @ Metropolis
Aug 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Aug 20 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Aug 22 - Manhattan, NY @ B.B. King's
Aug 23 - Cleveland, OH @ Phantasy Theater
Aug 25 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Aug 26 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
Aug 28 - Denver, CO @ Cervantes
Aug 30 - Phoenix, AZ @ Cajun House
Aug 31 - Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
Sep 2 - Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
Sep 3 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
Sep 5 - Seattle, WA @ Graceland
Sep 29 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Stora Arenan
Oct 10 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Lisebergshallen
Oct 28 - Milano, Italy @ Transilvania
Nov 7 - Brussels, Belgium @ Metal Female Voices II Festival
Nov 8 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
Nov 25 - Santiago, Chile @ Estadio de Chile
Nov 27 - Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Hangar
Dec 4 - Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Via Funchal
Dec 10 - Quito, Equador @ Plaza de Toros
Dec 12 - Mexico City, Mexico @ Circo Volador
Dec 13 - Mexico City, Mexico @ Circo Volador

[2004-05-14] Nightwish: Nemo single hit the european charts

Nightwish's single "Nemo" has successfully entered the charts in Europe. Here are the current positions:
Finland: #1
Hungary: #1
Norway: #4
Germany: #12
Austria: #24
Switzerland: #25

[2004-05-11] Nightwish performing at german Top Of The Tops TV Music Show

Nightwish will be performing at the german version of the "Top Of The Pops" music show. If you are able to receive RTL Television via satellite or cable, be sure to tune in on May 15th at 5.45pm CET.
Here are two photos of the rehearsals: photo 1 photo 2

[2004-05-06] Nightwish: Nemo video available on Nuclear Blast website

The site of Nuclear Blast Europe is offering (on streaming) the new Nightwish video for the song Nemo.

Click here to see the video

[2004-04-28] Nightwish: Nemo single certified gold in Finland

Nightwish's brand-new single Nemo has been certified gold in Finland after selling more than 5,000 copies within one week of its release.

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[2004-04-23] Nightwish: interview to Marko Hietala regarding new album Once

Pretties For You has just interviewed Nightwish bass player and vocalist Marko Hietala. They mostly talk about the making of, the inspiration and the recording process of the near to be released album Once.
Go to the Interviews section of

[2004-04-20] Nightwish: new Once review and interview at posted an interview and a review of the forthcoming Nightwish album Once. Luxi Lahtinen had the chance to interview Tuomas and ask him about the new album. Later, he had the chance to listen to the full album and make a review.
You must check it out! Click here for the interview.

[2004-04-13] Nightwish: "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005" dates updated

More dates for the upcoming Nightwish's "Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005"
Note: USA tour dates have not been officially announced yet

May 22 - Kitee, Finland @ Icehall
Jun 05 - Nijmegen, Netherland @ Dynamo Open Air - Goffertpark
Jun 11 - Tampere, Finland @ Sauna Open Air
Jun 12 - Sölvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
Jun 19 - Germany @ WOODSTAGE Summer Open Air
Jun 20 - Athens, Greece @ ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL
Jul 17 - He7lsinki, Finland @ Tuska festival
Jul 23 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
Jul 24 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
Oct 28 - Milano, Italy @ TRANSILVANIA

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[2004-04-10] Nightwish: MP3 sound samples of forthcoming album Once available online

The Official Nightwish Website has posted three MP3 sound samples of songs from next Nightwish album Once.
You can download the MP3 audio samples here.

Also, lyrics for Nemo, Planet Hell and White Night Fantasy are available (transcriptions taken from Nightwish Forum).

[2004-04-01] Nightwish: release of Nemo single delayed until April 26th

The release date of the new Nightwish single "Nemo" has been delayed until April 26th.

A new Mini-LP vinyl version (1000 copies limited edition) will be released on May 3rd.

Two days before the official release of the single, on April 24th, Tarja Turunen together with Marjut Paavilainen, Juha Koskela and Izumi Kawakatsu will be performing finish songs at "Noche Escandinava II" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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[2004-03-24] Nightwish: Nemo to be first played on April 4th

April 4th will be great evening to all Nightwish -fans who have opportunity to listen finnish radiochannel "YleX". "Metalliliitto" -program will play the song "nemo" for the first time. And that´s not all... One week later (11.4) finnish MTV3 channel´s "Levyraati" -program will show the video "nemo" for the first time.

New promo pictures have been added to the official website on this link.

[2004-03-04] Nightwish: Release dates for Once album and Nemo single

Nightwish have set a June 7 Finnish release date through Spinefarm Records for their brand-new album, "Once".
A single containing the album track Nemo is due on April 19.

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