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[2007-11-20] Brent Smedley Road Rage Reports.

Welcome to the 10th installment of the Road Rage report. The Worldwide Wicked Tour, Chapter 2: The U.K. with Heaven and Hell and Lamb of God.

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[2007-11-14] Iced Earth To Guest On Bruce Dickinson's BBC Rock Show This Month.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will be joined on his BBC 6 Music Rock Show radio program by Iced Earth on November 30th. You can listen to the weekly BBC 6 Music rock show live via the internet Fridays between 9 PM and Midnight UK Time (3 PM and 6 PM EST).

[2007-11-09] Make sure to arrive early for the Uk heaven and hell shows!

Please be aware that Iced Earth is playing BEFORE Lamb of God on the UK Heaven and Hell tour. The set won't be long, but it will be intense. So, make sure to arrive at the venue plenty early to make sure you don't miss any of Iced Earth's "Set"!

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[2007-10-16] On tour in Europe!

The European 2007 tour rolls on, and we are as tight as ever! We are very much looking forward to meeting old friends and making many new ones on the Road to Armageddon! We'll be posting news from the road as the tour marches on, so keep checking in to read about our travels across Europe with Annihilator and Heaven and Hell!

[2007-10-10] European Tour starts tonight.

The band arrived in Germany late last week for final rehearsals before the beginning of the European 2008 tour, and we are as tight as ever!

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[2007-10-04] More Framing Argmageddon chart positions revealed!

USA - #78 Billboard Top 200 Albums; USA - #9 Billboard Indie Charts....

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[2007-09-28] UK - November 2007 (Tour)

Supporting Heaven & Hell

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[2007-09-28] Europe - October 2007 (Support Act: Annihilator)

Tour Date Info: Listed to the left are all currently scheduled tour dates. All dates are announced here as soon as they become available.

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[2007-09-27] Tim Owens To Guest On The Classic Metal Show.

The Classic Metal Show, heard live weekly on Saturdays from 9 PM - 3 AM (EST) at have issued the following preview of their upcoming September 15th show:

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[2006-05-25] The Gettysburg DVD.

The Gettysburg DVD set will be released on June 6th. See the previous news entry for details.

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[2005-08-01] New Demons and Wizards album: Touched By The Crimson King

After 5 long years, finally Demons and Wizards, the band that resulted from the union of Jon Schaffer and Hansi Kürsch, has just released their new album called Touched By The Crimson King.

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[2005-08-01] Iced Earth: Gettysburg DVD available

The Gettysburg DVD has finally become available. The DVD features the full Gettysburg ('The Devil To Pay', 'Hold At All Costs', 'High Water Mark') in two different 5.1 Surround Sound versions (Metal and Orchestral). The DVD presentation of Gettysburg is mostly made up of still images with some digital effects laid over them.

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[2004-07-13] Iced Earth: James MacDonough talks about Richard Christy and Ralph Santolla departure

Iced Earth's bass player James MacDonough recently posted an statement about Richard Christy and Ralph Santolla departure from the band, and also talks about Bobby Jarzombek.
James statement: "Ok, just so you can stop freaking out and saying all kinds of outlandish things this statement should be sufficient for the situation. All of us were worried because this situation was dumped in our laps, in the middle of a tour."

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[2004-07-03] Iced Earth: Ralph Santolla quits to join Sebastian Bach

From Ralph Santolla: "There are several reasons for this decision, and for the moment I will keep them to myself. The other guys know my reasons, and hopefully this won't turn into a public pissing match. On the other hand, if it does, at least execution by musketry has gone out of style. I made some great friends, played some great, albeit difficult (!) metal tunes, and learned a lot from the experience."

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[2004-06-10] Iced Earth: Tim Owens "update from the road"

Tim "Ripper" Owens has posted the following statement on the Iced Earth's Official website: "Things are great out here! The band is sounding better than ever! Bobby is amazing! The guys from Trivium and Beyond the Embrace are real cool and sounding great!"

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[2004-05-31] Iced Earth: James MacDonough's comments about the first leg of the USA Tour

Iced Earth's bassist James MacDonough posted his comments about the first leg of the USA Tour on the Iced Realm's Forums:
"Hello all, first off I'd like to thank everyone that came out to the shows, Iced Earth fans are the best. It's always a pleasure.
I'd like to thank and give a big bow to all the guys from Evergrey and Children Of Bodom and their crew. It was awesome touring with them to say the least, not one single dispute. These bands are filled with great musicians and good people."

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[2004-05-20] Iced Earth: Japan tour delayed because of Richard Christy departure

From Jon Schaffer: "Hello Again People!
Unfortunately due to Richard Christy's decision to leave the band in the middle of the tour we will have to postpone the Japanese dates. Though we tried everything in our power to keep this from happening we have no other alternative.
Take care".

[2004-05-18] Iced Earth: Richard Christy explains the reasons why he decided to left the band

"Hello, Richard Christy here. I just wanted to say a few things about my decision to leave Iced Earth. First off, it was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I spent many sleepless nights wondering what to do before I made the final decision to leave the band."

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[2004-05-17] Iced Earth: Richard Christy (drums) leaves the band to join the Howard Stern show

In a recent post on the Iced Earth band board, Jon Schaffer announced that Richard Christy (drums) will no longer be a member of Iced Earth. According to Schaffer, Christy will join Howard Stern on his show, as comedian.
Christy will be replaced by Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot).
Read the full statement about Richard Christy leaving Iced Earth here.

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[2004-04-24] Iced Earth: relaunch of Disciples Of The Ice - Brazilian Fan Page

A primeira página brasileira dedicada ao Iced Earth (The first brazilian website dedicated to Iced Earth) has been relaunched after some hosting problems. The web has now a complete redesign and lots of new content.
Check out Disciples Of The Ice here.

[2004-04-19] Iced Earth's The Glorious Burden Tour 2004 started on Cleveland, Ohio with great reviews on Tim Owens performance

The Cleveland, Ohio show was the first show of the Iced Earth tour. A lot of expectation were floating around about how will Tim Owens performance be on old Iced Earth songs.
According to many fans that attended the show, Tim Owens rocks on stage and had a very good performance.

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[2004-04-18] Iced Earth: new interview to Tim Owens on Cleveland Free Times

When Akron's Tim “Ripper” Owens was tapped to join legendary power metal band Judas Priest in 1996, replacing long-departed vocalist Rob Halford, many thought he'd hit the jackpot. When it was announced last summer that Halford was returning and Owens was out of a job, many of the same people assumed his career had been pole-axed.

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[2004-03-26] Iced Earth: Richard Christy joined contest to be part of The Howard Stern Show

Iced Earth drummer Richard Christy (ex-DEATH, CONTROL DENIED) appears to be the favorite to land the job on "The Howard Stern Show" previously held by Stuttering John (who recently made the move to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"). Christy, a self-professed "huge fan of Howard's show for years," has submitted several audition tapes for consideration as part of the contest to win Stuttering John's old job.

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[2004-03-22] Iced Earth: Japan Tour announced

Iced Earth have lined up a three-concert tour of Japan in late May. Confirmed dates are as follows:

May 25 - Osaka, JPN @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
May 26 - Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya O-East
May 27 - Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya Club Quattro

Approximate capacity for the venues is 800-1,200 with tickets going for Ą6500 (approximately $60-65). More information on the tour (in Japanese) is available from concert promoter Zak Corporation's web site at this location.


[2004-03-18] Iced Earth: In Flames singer Anders Fridén can't stand Jon Schaffer

In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén has slammed Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer over comments Schaffer made during Iced Earth's 2002 North American tour, which featured In Flames in the support slot.

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[2004-03-18] Iced Earth: Ralph Santolla In Suicide Bomber Scare!

Iced Earth guitarist Ralph Santolla demanded to be let off a flight to England earlier today (March 17) after he spotted two fellow passengers behaving strangely while boarding the plane. The following is Ralph's detailed account of the whole experience, as provided exclusively to

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[2004-03-16] Iced Earth's New York City Concert Sold Out

Iced Earth's April 29 performance at B.B. King's in New York City has officially sold out, club officials have confirmed.

According to Rena Siwek, P.R. Director for B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, the event was "one of the fastest selling shows here at B.B. King's, but then again, Iced Earth always pulls them in fast. Their fans are fantastic!"

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[2004-03-04] Iced Earth's USA and Canada tour confirmed and 2nd leg tour announced

Good news, Iced Earth will tour the U.S. and Canada as originally planned.
The tour begins on April 18th and runs for over a month, with the supporting acts of Children of Bodom and Evergrey.

More news about second leg tour inside the note.

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